About Us

CI Global is a world class consultancy and financing firm focused on providing financial, engineering and technical services to the global upstream oil and gas as well as mining industry.  Our services are utilised by oil and gas companies during their planning and development phase of oil and gas projects.  Our clientele includes super-majors and national oil companies, as well as small independents. We develop innovative solutions for the E&P business, by leveraging on our core engineering and techno-economic skills.  We are helping our clients to achieve world class performance from their assets by providing expertise, novel methods and tools to realise their maximum potential.


Selected countries include both ongoing and previous upstream projects.

CI Global is an independent, international consultancy providing a uniquely integrated package of solutions for our clients as they seek to overcome the challenges they face throughout the life of their assets. From conceptual definition, through design and construction and into operation, CI Global provides the clever and innovative thinking needed to maximise the return on our customers’ investment.  We are a global firm of widely trained and knowledgeable experts in both fund development and asset development.